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Our categories are based on organizational budgets.

Step 2: Choose either the annual or semi-annual payment term and submit your application.

Step 3: Your application will be reviewed by our Membership Committee.
Once approved, you will directed through the invoicing and payment process.

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  • $10,000 paid annually

  • $5,000 paid semi-annually

Pay Annually
Pay Semi-Annually


  • $5,000 paid annually

  • $2,500 paid semi-annually

  • Gold is for:
    • DMOs: $7M+ budgets
    • Convention Centres: $20M+ budgets
    • National Organizations / Companies

Pay Annually
Pay Semi-Annually


  • $2,500 paid annually
  • $1,250 paid semi-annually

  • Silver is for:
    • DMOs $3M–$7M budgets
    • Convention Centres: $15M–$20M budgets
    • Regional organizations/Companies
    (2 or more provinces)

Pay Annually
Pay Semi-Annually


  • $1,000 paid annually

  • $500 paid semi-annually

  • Bronze is for:
    • DMOs: Under $3M budgets
    • Convention Centres: Under $15M budgets
    • Provincial Organizations / Independent Companies

Pay Annually
Pay Semi-Annually

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