Hello MMBC friends,

With summer fully upon us, I hope that you are well and enjoying what our amazing country has to offer for leisure tourism activities. We are blessed, Canada!

It has not been a quiet summer for advocacy as we and many of our partners have done incredible work to advocate for the reopening of the Business Event industry in a safe and responsible way. So many of our industry leaders are doing a great deal to raise awareness of our work, our impact, and the loss of our catalytic industry for the Canadian economy.

As for MMBC, I had the privilege of being invited as your representative, to present to the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Canadian Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic on August 10. It was a remarkable 2.5 hours. Seven industry leaders, referred to as “witnesses”, were given 5 minutes to present to a group of MPs from each of the Political Parties representing the House of Commons. You are able to view the MMBC presentation here. We were then presented three rounds of questions from each of the MPs. They made some thoughtful inquiries into the Visitor Economy which provided an opportunity for me to advocate for the Business Events industry. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness of our industry and the impact of COVID-19 on us. I hope that you will watch this video and share it broadly.

As we all continue to advocate for our industry, let me encourage you to reach out to your MP through our Push Politics platform here.

Please make sure to join the Meetings Mean Business Canada LinkedIn group as we use this platform to communicate and draw the industry together.

Stay well,

Clark Grue

Chair, Meetings Mean Business Canada

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