HILL DAYS 2023 Tool Kit

Use our HILL DAYS 2023 tool kit to educate around the importance of business events.

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What are Business Events? They include everything from meetings, conferences and seminars to incentive travel, corporate retreats and trade shows. 

Business Events may just seem like large conferences, but they are much more than that. In-person events spur human value and connection, they support the economy and bring together communities. The Business Events sector significantly bolsters Canada’s GDP, contributing a remarkable $27.4 billion!

Learn more about the incredible impact of Business Events by visiting the Meetings Mean Business Canada industry advocacy website. https://meetingsmeanbusiness.ca/resources/ 

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Whether it’s in terms of job opportunities or its substantial economic contributions, the Business Events industry stands as a driving force for the well-being of both local and national interests in Canada. The impact of our industry reverberates throughout communities in Canada, making a significant difference. 

By providing jobs to 242,000 Canadians, our sector stimulates local economies as it attracts a wave of visitors who fill up hotels, restaurants, and shops. 

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