Meetings Mean Business Canada Coalition (MMB Canada), the operating name of the Business Events Industry Coalition of Canada, is the advocacy voice of the Meetings and Business Events industry in Canada. Working in collaboration with the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) and Destination Canada Business Events, our key focus and mission is to communicate the important social and economic impact of our industry to stakeholders and elected officials at all levels of government and to all Canadians.

Economic impact captures the jobs created, taxes generated and foreign dollars spent in our economy. Equally important is the social impact that meetings and business events bring to our economy.

The most recent Global Economic Impact Study validates the importance of Business Events worldwide. The study reveals that business events generated more than $1 Trillion of direct spending, over 10 million direct jobs and globally generated $621 Billion of direct GDP.

Meetings Mean Business Canada 2021 STRATEGIC GOALS

Agent of Change: Develop Provincial Leadership Circles to enhance communications and coordination of activities supporting the relaunch of our industry across the country.

Facilitate: Develop key relationships with sector-focused leaders within government as well as with fellow advocacy groups to continue to build industry champions and foster greater awareness of the business events industry.

Inform: Develop and curate advocacy information and communications support materials for industry partners.